Harvest Community Church visited Solace Ministries

Titus 2:1 You must teach what is in accord with sound doctrine.

The Blessings of Team Travel

In August and September Eternal Benefits sent two different teams to visit and encourage many of the widows and orphans of Solace ministries.   
The teams focused on teaching about Discipleship and The Armor of God. 
The way God uses all of us is truly amazing.  The young man from Solace, who volunteered to be our Roman Soldier became a follower of Jesus after the second presentation.  That is what makes this all worth it.

Everyone has a story- what's next?

March 23rd  2013 Over 100 women met to hear the stories of two women who survived the genocide of 1994 in Rwanda.
We were privileged to have Viviane and Mama Lambert come to the USA from Rwanda to tell their story of survival.