Our over 60’s group called ‘Young at Heart’ is vibrant, inclusive and fun.

We don’t doubt for one minute that God has a special place in His heart for the elderly within our community. Sadly, in this day and age, many of the older folk get a bit of a raw deal.


We gather on Fridays around 12:00 pm and have a 2 course lunch from around 12.15 pm.  If there’s any room left there is always  tea and cake throughout the afternoon.  We run a variety of activities consisting of games shows like Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Name that Tune; Arts & Crafts;. visiting guests and singers, quizzes, trips out and of course, we love to finish we a couple of games of BINGO. For those physically able we usually have an annual holiday between 3-5 days during the summer.

Many of our senior friends have appreciated the care they receive from us and have written letters of thanks and support saying: “It’ is my lifeline, it’s a warm and welcoming place and everyone is so friendly and they make you feel special”“Since my husband died RESPECT has given me a social life”“I lost my husband and had a breakdown. I thought things would never be the same again, until a friend took me to RESPECT. My life has changed for the better”.

We love and value our more senior residents in the community and want them to “live long and prosper”, enjoying life well into their twilight years.  We provide activities that help them to stay included, young and healthy ensuring dignity and purpose!




If there are any elderly folk in our community in some form of distress through poor health or lonliness, we want to respect them by being a good neighbour, with at the very least a smile or word of encouragement.  If you have any concerns over any senior saint living near you please let us know.

We have our own minibus so if you prefer we can pick you up and drop you home if you live in the HU6 area.  Just ring Lynn on 805525

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