Eternal Benefits

Employment + Volunteer Roles

Employment Roles

Team Leader – This is a full-time role to manage and administrate the work of Eternal Benefits.!AoCPTOXcW4Q2hcJpw7-KbQQO_mRZMA?e=Cxhvc6

Harvest Team – Full-time and part-time outreach roles are available.!AoCPTOXcW4Q2haQKG30-IqZqDNE84A?e=Qc4vLD




Volunteer Roles

Are you able to give a few hours a week to a good cause that will benefit others and yourself? The the charity work of Eternal Benefits needs a:

  • Mr (or Mrs) Fix-It. (DIY)
  • Drivers for our driving Pool: car transport; D1 for minibus, D1E for minibus and trailer.
  • Volunteers to work with: elderly, children, young people, food larder, kitchen, cafe, swap shop, furniture recycling and renovations, community garden, administration, and a listening ear.

Any travel expenses are covered, and meals provided. Other staff perks including references are available when required.



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