These activities and photos were pre covid 

Respect Youth is the youth community from the North Hull Estates.

Every Wednesday and Friday young people from our neighbourhood gather together to hang out, have fun, make friends and be empowered to live lives beyond their wildest expectations.


Anyone who is between Year 3 and Year 7 at school (minimum age, 7 years old) can attend on a Wednesday between 7:00 pm till 8:30 pm There will be a variety of different activities each week.


Between mid-May and Mid-August, we host Family Fun Nights on the Hall Road Academy school field from 7:00-8:30 pm. It includes sports, games, karaoke, barbeque and tuck. Don’t miss out! Bring all the family. During the darker, colder months Respect activities are held at Eternal Benefits.

We adventure together, perform and act together, building our confidence and of performers!

They love to try new things and it’s hard to stop them singing and hogging the limelight.  They’ve got to be the best kids in the community, the city even, and the country, maybe even in the whole world.

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