Don’t we all want our lives to count? To know the benefits of LIFE? There are short term benefits and there are ETERNAL BENEFITS that are available to every single one of us – no one is excluded!

Every individual counts and is created to enjoy LIFE! Some of the greatest joys of LIFE are finding and experiencing relationship, belonging, love, safety, peace, purpose, and fulfillment. Many of the choices we make will affect us and cause our lives to count for more or less.

Having said that, I didn’t choose to get Rheumatoid Arthritis in my early thirties. Neither did I choose to have lung problems due to bouts of Pneumonia. I definitely did not choose to have stomach cancer at the age of Fifty Two. Being hospitalised nine times in a twelve-month period was never my choice. My choice, however, has been to never allow these health problems to define how I will live the rest of my life.

I am not disabled – I am ENABLED
I am not invalid – I am VALID
My body is weak – but my spirit is STRONG
My body is often sick – but my soul is completely HEALED
I am not past my best – the BEST is yet to come

For me, ETERNAL BENEFITS starts with knowing who I am, what my present and eternal purpose is in life and having the privilege of sharing this with those around me. So, you count for ETERNAL BENEFITS, could you do with a bit more love, joy. peace. patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness and self-control?

These ETERNAL BENEFITS are available to you because you do count in the heart and plan of a loving God. Jesus said “I have come to give you the fullness of LIFE” and “ETERNAL LIFE”.

Open the door to God the Father, Jesus the Son and receive all the ETERNAL BENEFITS of the Holy Spirit.

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