If my people who are called by my name (the term ‘Christian’ is questionable in this day and age)………….will humble themselves and pray and seek my face (this is of the greatest importance as pride doesn’t just come before a fall, it is also opposed by God himself,  James 4:6)………….and turn from their wicked ways (this includes all the sins we commit i.e. lying, stealing, blaspheming, creating a god to suit ourselves; as well as all sexual sin, murder etc.  There’s another whole list of wicked ways we  perform when we fail to do the right thing, turn a blind eye, bury our heads in the sand and are too busy to care)……….. I will hear from Heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14

Mankind has developed and advanced so much over the recent decade.  It’s astounding when you consider the intelligence of a simple human being.  But because the heart is desperately wicked, and the human soul is still just as sick, we find that no one seems any happier, or has any more peace and certainly lack any real hope.

Humankind becomes more and more arrogant, proud and debased as we turn our back on and shove two fingers up to the only one who has the answers.

We all need to be healed and it’s only facing up to the truth that we have any chance of being set free.

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