God’s Honest Truth about Ian Warelow and his life sentence in prison! (for those who like a bit of ‘goss’).
I promise to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth! I did 20 years in prison!

Over the last 30 years, I have heard that I was in prison for numerous things, including “noncing”. I have known many people end up in prison for some really big and serious ‘one off’ mistakes and others for living a lifestyle of law-breaking i.e. driving illegally or while under the influence; robbing; shoplifting; burglary; drug and alcohol abuse related crime; domestic violence issues – there’s a massive list.

Being honest with myself, looking at this list and considering my past behaviour, prison was always ‘on the cards’. Truthfully, I was extremely lucky or ‘got away with murder’, to coin a phrase!

God’s Honest Truth, how much of this reflects your life? Putting it another way, how much of this stuff have you done and got away with? Still doing and hoping to get away with? How far will you go – especially if you know you can definitely get away with it?

The GHT is, I am very fortunate to have never ended up in prison for my ‘wrongs’. I worked in the prison for 20 years as a Christian Chaplain because many of the ‘rogues’ I was working with, as a youth and community worker, ended up there. Technically, I was the Chaplain to young people between 15 and 25ish because, being from a similar background, I believed there is always hope that ‘rogues’ can change for the better.

The GHT is I’ve spent the last 38 years attempting to help young people to find a better way in life. My ‘life sentence’ in prison was not for any of the many crimes I committed but the many crimes others committed!

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